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DBeaver TE Install

This instruction explains how to configure and deploy DBeaver Team Edition.
It is supposed to be read by system administrators and/or devops engineers.

DBeaver Team Edition consists of the following components:

  • CloudBeaver Team server (installed on server side)
  • DBeaverTeam desktop clients (installed on multiple client machines)

CloudBeaver Team Edition Server installation

CloudBeaver TE consists of multiple docker containers.
We created a special GitHub repository with instructions and configuration:
Run command git clone in console before deployment.

There are two ways to run docker container:

DBeaver Team client installation

You can download DBeaver Team client from

After installation you need to configure desktop client to connect to your previously deployed CloudBeaver Team Edition server.

By default DBeaver Team will try to detect server automatically by getting value from:

  • Environment variable DBEAVER_DOMAIN_CONTROLLER
  • Init parameter DBEAVER_DOMAIN_CONTROLLER (it can be set in dbeaver.ini file by adding line -DDBEAVER_DOMAIN_CONTROLLER=URL at the end
  • Windows registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DBeaverTeam\DomainControllerURL
  • Windows registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\DBeaverTeam\DomainControllerURL

If none of these methods will succeeed (default behavior) then it will ask for DC URL in popup dialog. After that passed URL will be saved in file %APPDATA%\DBeaverData\team-workspace\.metadata\ You can change saved value in this file manually later.

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