What is the difference between Community Edition and Enterprise Edition?

The EE version of DBeaver includes all features of the CE version plus:

  • All popular database drivers are included in EE distribution (you don’t need to download them separately).
  • Support of NoSQL databases:
    • Apache Cassandra
    • MongoDB
    • Redis
    • WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)
  • Additional EE plugins:
    • Office formats support (XLS) for data export
    • Advanced mock data generators
    • Advanced security – keep passwords in OS-specific secure storage, protect configurations with master password
    • Persistent Query Manager database – allows tracking all your SQL
    • JSON documents viewer/editor – in MongoDB or relational databases
    • Eclipse Marketplace – allows easily installing any additional Eclipse plugins
    • SVG format support for ERD export
    • Advanced SSH tunnels security support (ed25519)
  • The existence of the Enterprise Edition enables us to support and develop the Community version, add new features faster, provide better support and much more. Even if you do not need enterprise features, you can purchase a license as a form of donation. Thank you!

What does Enterprise Edition license include?

The EE license is a single-user perpetual (life time) license; it will never expire. You can upgrade to any new version of DBeaver for one year after the license purchase. It also includes special customer support for one year. Additionally, licensed users can request new features that will have higher priority than tasks from the community. The license can be used by a single person or by a single working place (of your choice).

Can I use the same license on multiple computers?

Yes, you can. License is issued for a single person, not a single computer. So you can use the same license at work, at home, on your laptop, etc.

What will happen when the Enterprise Edition license expires?

The EE license will never expire.

Can I buy more than one license for one account?

Of course. You can buy a corporate license for any number of users (or working places).

Are there educational licenses?

Yes, we grant free licenses to students. If you want to get it, just fill in the form.

Are there any discounts? What about corporate licenses?

Please write to support@dbeaver.com for any questions regarding non-standard licenses. Everything is possible.