How to activate DBeaver license?

There are two types of license – trial and perpetual.

You can acquire a trial license at this site or right in the DBeaver program – by simply filling in a request form. Such a license is valid for a trial period of fourteen days and granted to a user only once. Per EULA license terms, you cannot delete the existing trial license and then activate another one.

You can buy a perpetual license at this site. This license has an eternal validity period and allows getting software updates for the program during for one year.

If your version of DBeaver does not have an active license, then on its every launch, DBeaver will display an information dialog box offering you to activate your license. You can view existing licenses by clicking License manager, generate a trial license by clicking Trial, or exit the program by clicking Exit. To activate your license, click Import license.

In the Import License dialog box, you can enter your license data. The license is a text file. You need to copy the text of the license from the email or load the file containing the license text by clicking Load. When copying the license text, please mind the beginning and the end of the text – it should contain:

  • “– DBeaver EE LICENSE” – at the beginning
  • “==.” – at the end
  • Having copied the text, click Import to activate your license.

    The system will notify you about successful activation. If something went wrong, please copy the error message and send it to We will do our best to help you as soon as possible.

    If you want to renew your license, click Help on the main menu of DBeaver window and click DBeaver License Info on the submenu.

    In the dialog box, click License manager and then Import and perform the same steps as you did to activate a new license.

    If you have any other questions regarding license activation, please contact us.