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DBeaver Community is a good tool for managing data on small projects or exploring databases. But if you work on commercial projects with complex systems, switch to DBeaver Enterprise. Discover the advanced features of DBeaver to improve your data management workflow and get the best results.

Get significant data management benefits with DBeaver Enterprise

High-level Security

Use enterprise authorization mechanisms (SSO, SSH, Kerberos, and more) for safe work with data.

All drivers included

Manage SQL, NoSQL, and cloud data sources with special extensions out-of-the-box.

Advanced functionality

Unpack over 100 features for data and SQL management, development, and database administration.

Ongoing Support

Get extended technical support at all stages of using DBeaver PRO.

DBeaver Comparison Chart

  Community Enterprise
SQL databases support
Data Editor
SQL Editor
NoSQL databases support
Cloud databases support
Data/Schema compare
Query management
Vizualization tools
Advanced security

The best use cases of DBeaver Enterprise

All databases support

DBeaver Community: Working with all popular SQL databases.

DBeaver Enterprise: Working with all possible data sources – SQL, NoSQL, cloud – with pre-installed drivers and native database tools support.

Single secure data access

DBeaver Community: Database connection using a username and password.

DBeaver Enterprise: Connection to even the most closed databases using enterprise-level authorization types: SSO, SSH, SSL, and more.

Advanced data management

DBeaver Community: View and edit data in a convenient way.

DBeaver Enterprise: Search, filter, group, and calculate data with our multifunctional panels. Save filter history and visualize data in a few clicks.

Comprehensive SQL management

DBeaver Community: Execute scripts with a multifunctional SQL query tool.

DBeaver Enterprise: Create complex queries automatically with Visual Query Builder. Manage query processor through Query history and SQL execution plan.

Automation of routine processes

DBeaver Community: Save daily database operations as Tasks.

DBeaver Enterprise: Run daily routine tasks and backups with one click, or set tasks and backups to run automatically according to a specified schedule.

Upgrade your data management process with the powerful features of DBeaver Enterprise.

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