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If you still have doubts about choosing DBeaver for your database activities, please read some of the testimonials published on this page. We hope they will help you make the right choice.

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“I have been using DBeaver since version 4.0 for my courses “Internet and Web Programming” and “Database Management Systems”. DBeaver is certainly an ultimate Universal client which incorporates RDBMS and NoSQL Databases. The GUI is very useful and easy to manipulate all kind of DB queries.

DBeaver is remarkably fast and stable. It loads quickly and responds instantaneously.  Especially, It is the only client tool for Apache Cassandra NoSQL Database in market.”

Dr. Anthoniraj A.
Ph.D.Associate Professor,
VIT University, India

“DBeaver is one of the best free SQL IDE’s I’ve seen. It has a great UI, it’s fast, and the Projects feature is a helpful way of organising your files and related information. If you’re considering using DBeaver for your SQL work, you can’t go wrong with this choice.”

Ben Brumm

“DBeaver has been a key application to help us tech our Computing Engineer postgrad courses. As our curricula includes several database engines, relational and nosql, having the support of a tool that supports them all is incredibly helpful. We have been using DBeaver for the past two years (and continue to do so)  our alumni always gave really good feedback!”

Carlos Moro
Postgraduate professor
Deusto University in Bilbao, Spain

“I use your product to evaluate scientific methods on several databases for the last couple of years. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in a easy to use UI for several SQL based Databases.”

Marco Peise
Research Associate
Technische Universität Berlin
Information Systems Engineering (ISE), Germany

“I have been using DBeaver for some time now, both for my private projects as for my university courses. From my point of view it is the best all around DBMS/data source manager allowing you to do anything from simple SQL queries to data visualization and analysis, data modeling and basic DBMS management. I love the simple and customizable interface and the fact that you can access and manage all your data sources from the same solution.

Ing. Marius Octavian Olaru
Ph.D DBGroup @ UniMoRe, Italy