CloudBeaver Enterprise Release Notes

CloudBeaver 24.1

June 11, 2024
  • Added the ability for users to configure personal settings for the interface, SQL editor, and data viewer through the settings panel;
  • Added the ability to backup the internal database before schema migration (for H2 and PostgreSQL);
  • Improved the process of application update – users can track the application update process now;
  • Now administrators have an easy way to create a server domain for the application in the Easy config or Administration folder;
  • Added the button to close all open sessions if the limit is exceeded;
  • All popup dialogs became available for screen readers, including JAWS, to improve the experience for users with disabilities.
  • Added the ability to upload license files with any extension.
User authorization:
  • Added LDAP authentication;
  • Added the ability to assume AWS session with SAML without proxy user;
  • Implemented JWKS authentication support.
Data viewer and SQL editor:
  • Added support for manual and automatic modes for committing changes to the database;
  • Added the ability to set NULL values for BLOB and GIS data via the cell’s context menu in the table;
  • Row count calculation in the grid can be canceled for Data Editor and SQL Editor now;
  • Large text values (more than 100 Kb) are now automatically open in the Value panel;
  • Added support for auto-completion for sub-selects;
  • Added support for custom Llama-based AI models;
  • The procedure for creating query recognition was fixed for DB2i.
Data transfer:
  • Added the ability to import data to the database from CSV, XML, and XLSX  files;
  • Added the ability to select a case for column names for export to CSV.
Connection settings:
  • Implemented support for utilizing environment variables within connection configurations.
Query manager:
  • Added schema and catalog fields to query details.
  • JSON data type support was improved for Oracle;
  • Added Oracle Legacy driver with support for Oracle server versions 8, 9, and 10.
  • Added the ability to edit data via JSON tab;
  • Added Document ID to the Data grid.
  • Added support for SSO authentication;
  • Added the ability to create connection in the Cloud Explorer;
  • Added support for length() function for SELECT statements;
  • Enhanced work with special symbols in the JSON presentation.
  • Added spatial data visualization;
  • Aliases autocompletion was fixed for DuckDB;
  • Improved sequences, views, and table definitions;
  • DuckDB driver was updated to version 0.10.2.
  • Added new StarRocks, Kyuubi, Cubrid, and Altibase drivers;
  • Enhanced security for connection through H2 driver;
  • Significantly enhanced Neo4j driver support. Now the structured data can be presented in JSON or text format. Users can execute queries using Cypher query language;
  • Clustered tables presentation was improved for BigQuery in the navigator tree;
  • Time Series data type support was improved for Informix;
  • Added authentication with personal access token for Databricks;
  • Clickhouse driver was updated to version 0.6.0-patch2;
  • Trino driver was updated to version 438.

CloudBeaver 24.0

March 11, 2024
  • Main updates:
    • Have enhanced security for unauthorized access;
    • Have added a password policy for the local authorization. Password parameters can be set in the configuration file;
    • Have added validation for mandatory fields in all forms to create and edit entities;
    • Have added an ability to edit the default preferences of the following parts: interface, tools, and data viewer in the settings panel in the administrative part.
  • Identity providers:
    • Have added the ability to use the JWT Token from an external authentication system as a header in the reverse proxy for authentication;
    • Have added the ability to assume AWS session using OpenID provider;
    • Have added the ability for administrators to configure reverse proxy settings, such as Username header, team delimiter symbol, logout redirect URL, team header, and others.
  • Query Manager:
    • Have added a user IP field to the Query Manager.
  • Preferences:
    • Have added the ability in the admin panel to disable copying in the Tables and Values panel for all users except the administrator;
    • Have added the ability to disable alias autocomplete for all users.
  • AI assistant:
    • Added support for Google Gemini LLM;
    • Updated the list of available OpenAI models.
Detailed CloudBeaver Enterprise 24.0 release notes.

CloudBeaver 23.3

December 11, 2023
  • Main updates:
    • Unauthorized access vulnerability was fixed;
    • An AI assistant in the SQL editor has been added for convenient query writing.
  • Cloud Storage Services:
    • Work with Amazon S3 and Google Cloud storage;
    • Upload new files to the bucket from your local machine;
    • Download files to your local machine;
    • Delete and rename files;
    • Read, edit, rename, and delete scripts;
    • Drag-and-drop files between buckets and different file systems.
  • Authentification:
    • Active Directory Federation Services authentication method was added; 
    • Amazon Cognito OpenID authentication provider was added.
  • Access management:
    • Administrators have gained the ability to delete users and their data permanently.
  • New drivers:
    • Scylla DB;
    • Influx 3;
    • Azure Cosmos DB;
    • AlloyDB.
Detailed CloudBeaver Enterprise 23.3 release notes.

CloudBeaver 23.2

September 12, 2023
  • Main updates:
    • Support for NTLM and Okta authentication methods was added;
    • The ability for user provisioning has been added to the AzureAD and Okta providers;
    • The SSL option is available for establishing connections in MySQL, PostgreSQL, Clickhouse, Mongo, Cassandra
    • Users can simultaneously edit resources, allowing them to work together.
  • Performance
    • Pagination has been added to the Navigation tree and metadata viewer, allowing users to work with a larger number of database items.
  • Authentification:
    • AWS OpenId authentication provider has been added, making the following types of authorization available: AWS SAML, AWS OpenId, AzureAD, Google, NTLM, Okta OpenId, OpenId, and SAML.
  • Access management:
    • The ability to unlink SSO credentials from the user was implemented;
    • The label for the proxy user was added;
    • A new field secret name for AWS Secrets Manager for federation auths was added.
  • Administration:
    • The new Settings panel displays the product configuration settings such as Minimum fetch size, Maximum fetch size, and Default fetch size from the Data Editor;
    • Query manager: filter by anonymous users was added;
    • Query History for Anonymous Users was added.
  • New drivers:
    • Salesforce;
    • TDengine;
    • Azure Cosmos DB;
    • Amazon Neptune;
    • TiDB; 
    • TiDB Cloud Telemetry;
    • SingleStore;
    • Kafka (ksqlDB).
Detailed CloudBeaver Enterprise 23.2 release notes.

CloudBeaver 23.1

June 12, 2023
  • Access Management:
    • Retrieval of database credentials from AWS Secrets Manager was added.
  • Authentification:
    • Azure Cloud service is officially supported in CloudBeaver Enterprise. Now databases from different clouds, AWS, GCP, and Azure, are accessible through Cloud Explorer simultaneously;  
    • The synchronization between assignment roles in SAML users and groups in CloudBeaver has been implemented.
  • Data Editor:
    • A new tab, Charts for visual data presentation, was added to the Data Editor;
    • A new Grouping panel menu was added to the Data Editor. This panel extracts unique values from the database column for the count. Users can drag and drop the column to the grouping panel and get the results immediately. Sorting, filtering, and exporting of the results are available on the Grouping panel.
  • Administration:
    • The new option to add custom database drivers in the Administration menu is available;
  • SQL Editor:
    • SPressing Tab/Space followed by Enter now causes the cursor to move to a new line;
    • When the cursor goes back on the query, the previous hints are displayed.
  • Driver management:
    • CloudBeaver has the option to connect to H2 database version 2;
    • The internal CloudBeaver database is upgraded to the newest H2 version 2 to avoid vulnerability issues. The database will be safely upgraded automatically for the servers with default configurations. You can perform this upgrade manually if you have a custom configuration for this database in your infrastructure.
  • Configurations:
    • The option to increase the maximum size of text files displayed in the value panel (using the sqlTextPreviewMaxLength parameter) has been added;
    • Support for custom logging configuration has been added. An external configuration file can be used instead of the default configuration.
Detailed CloudBeaver Enterprise 23.2 release notes.

CloudBeaver 23.0

March 13, 2023
  • Authentication:
    • The authentication dialog now has one standard for different auth types;
    • URL authentication added to DocumentDB.
  • Connections:
    • Work with Multi-cloud Explorer + GCP is finished;
    • The OpenSearch driver was added;
    • WebSocket behavior was improved.
  • User administration:
    • Administrators can grant all shared connections to the user team;
    • The ability to assign users to groups according to their roles in SAML was added.
  • SQL management:
    • Many improvements and fixes in SQL Editor were made.
  • Data management:
    • The download button is added on a Value panel of Blob and JSON data.
Detailed CloudBeaver Enterprise 23.0 release notes.

CloudBeaver 22.3

December 13, 2022
  • Authentication:
    • Google Single Sign-On to the application is now available;
    • Single Sign-On for AWS is now configured on the Identify Providers tab.
  • Connections:
    • The Oracle driver supports the Wallet authentication method.
    • A lot of new drivers have been added.
    • the connection configuration through URL has been added for drivers, that support it.
  • User administration:
    • administrators can filter enabled and disabled users on the Access Management tab;
    • the application saves all user history: users can be deactivated, but not deleted.
  • Table data export:
    • the new setting (BOM) allows users to export specific Unicode characters correctly.
    • Update to SSHJ library allows users to use more private key formats for SSH authentication.
  • Local configuration:
    • changing of a default view of the Navigation tree, Simple or Advanced, can be restricted;
    • the edit connection dialog of shared connections can be made visible to all users;
    • the size limit of displayed JSON values can be changed.
Detailed CloudBeaver Enterprise 22.3 release notes.