DBeaver Team Edition

Introducing DBeaver Team Edition, a highly secure data management tool for teamwork. Configure roles and teams to manage data access by user level. Share resources across your teams in real time. Use Team Edition at any workspace – the desktop app or from the browser.

Manage Users Easily

Organize users' access in a couple of clicks through integration with a third-party authorization system (AD, SAML, SSO).

Give the team a single data solution

Get the full functionality of DBeaver Ultimate but with advanced data collaboration capabilities.

Keep your data under control

Provide team members only the resources and functionality they need to work with.

Get a powerful tool for secure and efficient data collaboration

Team management

Create teams for different projects or departments. Configure access to resources and manage permissions at the team level.

Role management

Assign roles to the end users based on their scope. Form teams with different user roles. Provide them only the features and environments they need for their workflow.

Data collaboration

Configure data source connection details for each project. Assign projects to departments for teamwork. Share scripts across your teams in real-time.

All-in-one data solution

Get the full functionality of all DBeaver products. Work with data in any way – with the desktop, web application, or both.

High-level security

Provide strictly limited access to resources and features for users. Use enterprise authorization mechanisms such as SSO, SSH, SSL, and more. Track the user's query execution in real time.

Let all teams speak one data language. DBeaver Team Edition is suitable for departments:


Web developers
Software developers
ML engineers
Data architects


Technical support

BI & Finance

Data analysts
Financial analysts

Sales & Marketing

Sales manager
Marketing manager
Product manager
Content manager

Accelerate cross-team data collaboration with DBeaver Team Edition