Support License Agreement

DBeaver license is a perpetual license with a limited period of support: 1 year or 2 years.

The standard maintenance gives a possibility to download all new product versions released during the whole maintenance period. After the end of the selected support period user can continue to use DBeaver without support and updates or buy a license extension or a new license. The license extension prolongates a support and maintenance period for one additional year.

The standard support gives an access to the internal support system on the site. Customers can send bug reports, questions and feature requests. Issues reported as tickets are high priority tasks for us:

  • The first response for a bug report is sent at our earliest convenience. If it is the critical issue, we will release a special version with the fix before the planned release. If the bug is less priority, the fix will be added to the nearest sprint.
  • We reply to general questions up to 3 business days.
  • The customers are welcome to suggest new features and enhancements they would like to see in DBeaver in future. We add these requests to the standard product Backlog and add the support of new features based on their priority and complexity.
We issue a major release once per year and minor releases once per 3 months.