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License type
All DBeaver products are licensed but with different types of licenses.
Commercial Commercial Commercial Open-source,
Apache 2.0
SQL databases support
Support for relational SQL databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc.
NoSQL/BigData databases support
Support for BigData/NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, InfluxDB.
Enterprise authorization mechanisms
Support for advanced authorization mechanisms such as Singe Sign-On (AWS SSO, Okta), Kerberos, multi-factor authentification, etc.
Cloud services support
Support for AWS DynamoDB, Google Bigtable.
AWS cloud integration
Easy access to AWS services: Athena, Aurora, DynamoDB, DocumentDB, Keyspaces, RDS, Redshift.
Cloud databases explorer
Interface for management of the cloud data sources.
Data viewer and data editor
Convenient interface for adding, removing, editing data with the possibility to search, filter, order, and more others.
Query History
Possibility to keep your filters in data viewer and queries in SQL editor for easy access. Supports query search and recovery.
Mock data generation
Possibility to generate random data that look real, e.g., emails, names, credit card numbers, etc.
Spatial data viewer
View GIS spatial objects on a map. View GIS objects (WKT/WKB) in different projections.
Server health dashboards
Monitor server load for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. Custom dashboards. EE version supports more dashboards out of the box.
Office integration
Import and export data as XLSX documents. Open any result set in Excel/Calc.
SQL editor
Powerful SQL editor with autocomplete and highlighting determined by the database.
Visual Query Builder
The convenient constructor of complicated SQL queries for people who know nothing about SQL language.
Analytical Charts
Visual charts automatically generated for query results or table data.
SQL Debugger (PostgreSQL)
Debugger for server-side SQL code (procedures). In 5.x version supports only the PostgreSQL dialect.
Entity diagrams
Visualization for databases, views, and separate tables with links, data types, and restrictions.
Schema compare/migration
Compare tables in different databases and generate DDL/changelist reports.
Table data compare
Compare table data, find differences in table rows.
SQL execution plan diagram
Shows SQL query execution plan as a diagram with the possibility to find the slowest nodes.
Data export/import
Export and import table or query data to/from files.
Support for backup tools
Support for native database backup tools for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle.
Data migration
Migrate data from tables to another database.
Task scheduler
Schedule configured database management tasks.
Database maintenance
Possibility to administrate tables in your databases, work with procedures, triggers, and more.
Advanced security
Master password for saved database passwords. Advanced cryptography algorithms for SSL/SSH connections.
3rd party drivers included
Drivers for all primary SQL and NoSQL databases are included in the package for companies that do not have free access to the internet.