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  • Start your summer with new DBeaver 6.1

    The first summer month is time when everyone is thinking about vacation much more than about the work. But good news is always attractive. So, we are glad to show you the new release 6.1

    Spatial data viewer, database schema comparison, a lot of performance improvements, new design for execution plans – it’s quite difficult to choose the most interesting things. But we will try.

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Main features
Supported databases
The most popular open-source relational database. Now supported by Oracle.
Fork of MySQL, bundled on many Linux systems as default MySQL engine.
The most powerful open-source relational database. Supported are versions from PG 7 to PG 10.
Oracle database (Express or Enterprise) is one of the most advanced relational databases. Supported drivers are: Oracle 8, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12g.