Team Edition Documentation

DBeaver Team Edition is a powerful database management tool designed for professional teams collaborating on data-related projects.
Key features of Team Edition include:
  • Multi-platform support: Team Edition is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, ensuring flexibility for diverse team environments.
  • Advanced database management: The tool provides advanced database management capabilities, such as SQL development, data modeling, schema comparison, and data migration, empowering teams to handle complex database tasks efficiently.
  • Team collaboration: Team Edition offers collaboration features that facilitate teamwork on database projects. It supports version control integration, allowing team members to work on shared databases concurrently while maintaining data integrity.
  • Security and compliance: Team Edition prioritizes security and compliance, offering features such as encrypted connections and secure password management to ensure data protection.
  • Extensibility: The tool is highly customizable and extensible, with support for plugins and extensions that enhance its functionality according to specific team requirements.



Server configuration

User guide

Team Edition web
The Team Edition web client works, in most cases, similarly to CloudBeaver. Refer to the CloudBeaver documentation to discover its features and possibilities. View CloudBeavaer documentation
Team Edition desktop
The Team Edition desktop client usually works like DBeaver application. If you want to know how to use Team Edition desktop, check the DBeaver documentation. View DBeaver documentation