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Connection Management




You can add, edit, or remove shared database connections or database connection templates on the Connection Management page in administration.

Connection Management


Click the Add button in the top toolbar to open the connection creation form.

Search You can use the Search tab to find databases on the cloudbeaver host machine or provided host. You can choose database type if several databases can be hosted on the same port. You can write several hosts to search on: localhost or localhost, Click on the connection in the list to open the creation form (You can also select database type there).

Custom You can use the Custom tab to create a connection for the specified database or driver. You can search databases by name.

Connection Form

You can set base connection parameters, driver settings, SSH tunnel, and access in the connection form. A connection template will be created if the Template checkbox is checked. To check the connection to the database, click on the Test connection button; if SSH is configured, it will be used to test the connection. Users will be asked to enter credentials if the connection requires authentication. An administrator can set authentication parameters and save them (Save credentials checkbox in Authentication section); in that case, any user that has access to a connection will be able to connect without entering credentials.

Connection Form

You can manage access to the database at the Access tab. You can select users or roles to provide access to.

Connection Form

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