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New Table creation

New Table creation

  • Set focus to "Tables" in the Database Navigator, select 'Create New Table'.
  • A new table is created with the default name "newtable". Go to the 'Properties' tab to rename it
  • As soon as you set the Table Name (1), move to the 'Columns' tab (2)
  • Right click on the Column screen, select 'Create New Column'

BTW: Another way to add a new column is to expand the table view in the Navigation pane (1) and 'Create New Column' from the context menu (2)

  • A new column is created with a default column name and Data Type. Adjust the column properties as you wish.

BTW: To tick the checkbox (e.g. "Not Null") click the field and select "yes" from the dropdown list

  • Add more columns

  • Create a second table: right click menu on 'Tables' in Navigator -> Create New Table ,

Primary Key creation

  • Move to the 'Constraints' tab of the corresponding table, right click on the screen -> 'Create New Constraint'

  • Select the column (1)and save (2) ,

  • Save the tables: select the table in Navigation pane (1) an press 'Ctrl+S' (or Top menu -> File -> Save, 'Persist' the changes (2). ,

Foreign Key creation

  • Go to 'employees' table, 'Foreign Keys' tab. Right click on the screen -> Create New Foreign Key ,

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