Minor release 5.3.3

Since the release of the version 5.3.0 we have implemented so many enhancements, bug fixes and improvements for MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Greenplum and Exasol. So we decided to publish a minor release of DBeaver EE. But it would be strange to create release without new features. And we have added them as well. Follow the link for more details.
  • The first thing that we would like to draw your attention is a new connection setup dialog. We completely renovated it, added filters and new icons. But of cause, you can return to the old view at any time.

  • The IT-administrators from the different companies frequently asked about the silent installation. We added the silent mode for the Windows installer. You can find more details in the wiki article.
  • For version 5.3.3 we made a lot of important improvements for the SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Exasol (including support of the version 6.1) and Greenplum. Also, we added a new database connector for Monet DB.
The current release is minor but really useful. We know that it is important for some of our users to have the newest version and really glad to suggest this option.