Start your summer with new DBeaver 6.1

The first summer month is the time when everyone is thinking about vacation much more than about the work. But the good news is always attractive. So, we are glad to show you the new release 6.1

Spatial data viewer, database schema comparison, a lot of performance improvements, new design for execution plans – it’s quite difficult to choose the most interesting things. But we will try.

  • We would like to start from the spatial data (GIS) viewer. For some reason DBeaver did not work with geodata for a long time. Firstly, we implemented just a text view for coordinates. But in 6.1, you are able to look at your data on a map. DBeaver can manage various geodata formats, actually tens different formats, and you can select the most suitable for your case. GIS data viewer is supported for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle and MS SQL Server.

  • The next point is about database schema comparison. Data migration between different databases is a very complicated question. DBeaver has a special function for export data in different formats including export to another database. Since the version 6.1 we have included a special tool for metadata migration. You can compare two databases, maybe your stage and production server or old Oracle database and new one PostgreSQL, get differences as DDL, Change Log or JSON and copy it or even apply changes from one database to another. You can look at differences in text format or as a ER diagram. We know that a lot of people need to migrate data and metadata regularly. Hope, the new tool will make it easier.

  • For the version 6.1 we have made a lot of UI/UX improvements in different parts of DBeaver. We redesigned panels, enhanced dark theme, simplified navigation. One of the most interesting features is a new look for execution plan. Design for the plan became clearer, we added save and load functionality and diversified nodes in the hot path.

  • We continue to develop Cloud databases support. DBeaver 6.1 brings us Amazone DynamoDB and Google Bigtable.