DBeaver enhances the user experience with Google Cloud

Our team is glad that we have reached the Partner Build Level on Google Cloud, thanks to us having one of the leading all-in-one database tools. We offer our DBeaver Ultimate product with official support for Google Cloud. This collaboration will enable DBeaver to leverage Google Cloud’s data services to boost its analytics capabilities.

Google Cloud provides a suite of cloud computing services, including storage, networking, machine learning and more.

DBeaver offers users a versatile database management tool that can connect to Google Cloud’s managed database services such as Bigtable and BigQuery and another 100 different types of databases. Key features that enable cloud database connectivity include:

  • Support for secure SSH tunnelling to connect to cloud databases
  • Connection pooling for performance optimization when working with Google Cloud databases

Let’s emphasize one more detail, which is that DBeaver PRO has cloud database drivers for leading providers such as Google Cloud. For example, with one such feature called Cloud Explorer, a user can set up cloud access once and then quickly browse, connect, and manage all cloud databases.

We’re thrilled to partner with Google Cloud and integrate with databases in their virtual space,” said Tatiana Krupenya, CEO of DBeaver. “This partnership unlocks new possibilities for our users in terms of data management, analytics, and overall productivity when working with databases in the cloud.”

DBeaver apps can connect directly to databases hosted on Google Cloud, making it easy to manage data and run queries, without unnecessary steps and re-filling multiple fields.