CloudBeaver Enterprise license

The CloudBeaver Enterprise license is a license for one server for a limited number of users. A customer can order the license for any number of users. The minimum number of users is 5.

The license is provided as an annual subscription. It allows users to run CloudBeaver Enterprise Edition, download new product versions and get support during the subscription period. The license is not set up for auto-renew. The license is imported to the server during installation and updated through the admin panel.

The Enterprise license can be purchased by email request. The price of the Enterprise license depends on the number of users. There are various volume discounts that also depend on the number of users.

If you need to increase the number of users of the current license, it is possible to add more users by email request. However, it is not possible to downgrade the number of users before the end of the subscription period.

CloudBeaver Enterprise is a lightweight application for all-around data management from a web browser. Out-of-the-box CloudBeaver supports various SQL, NoSQL and BigData datasources.

For more information, please check the detailed CloudBeaver Enterprise product description.

CloudBeaver Enterpruse annual subscription.

The license is distributed per machine (server) for a limited number of users.

The minimum number of users in the group license is 5.