CloudBeaver Enterprise licenses

Trial license

The Trial license is a free license for 5 users that everyone can request for testing CloudBeaver Enterprise Edition for 14 days.

You can request the Trial license by filling the special form on the site.

You can request the trial license for each new version of the CloudBeaver Enterprise.

Enterprise license

The Enterprise license is a license for one server for a limited number of users. A customer can order the license for any number of users. The minimum number of users is 5.

The license is provided as an annual subscription. It allows users to run CloudBeaver Enterprise Edition, download new product versions and get support during the subscription period. The license is not set up for auto-renew. The license is imported to the server during installation and updated through the admin panel.

The price of the Enterprise license depends on the number of users. There are various volume discounts that also depend on the number of users. The volume discount is applied automatically on the checkout page.

If you need to increase the number of users of the current license, it is possible to add more users by email request or on our website. However, it is not possible to downgrade the number of users before the end of the subscription period.

CloudBeaver AWS license

AWS-adapted version of CloudBeaver Enterprise is available on the AWS marketplace. You can install the AWS-adapted version of CloudBeaver Enterprise from the AWS marketplace as an EC2 instance and test it for free for 30 days.

The users can select hourly or annual pricing options depending on the environment settings. An EC2 instance is cloud-managed like any other instance and can be brought up and down on demand or as part of the AWS CI/CD process.

The subscription is managed by the AWS marketplace. DBeaver team does not manage the subscription and cannot cancel it by request.

Academic license

The Academic license is a free license that is provided for students and teachers only.

You can use CloudBeaver Enterprise Edition without any restrictions for one year with the Academic license. After the first year, you will need to request a new license and reaffirm your student or teacher status.

If you want to get an Academic license, please fill out a special form. We use a university email for your status verification, so please, use your university account for the request. The official request from the university email is the easiest way to receive the Academic license.

If you do not have a university email, you have to attach some documents for your status verification, e.g., a photo of your student card, a contract with your name, etc.

All requests are reviewed manually. Usually, it takes about three business days.