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About CloudBeaver

CloudBeaver is a lightweight web application designed for comprehensive data management. It allows you to work with various data sources, including SQL, NoSQL, and cloud databases, all through a single secure cloud solution accessible via a browser.

Multiple Database Support and Drivers Management

  • Databases Support: Interact with different databases through a unified interface. Learn more
  • Drivers Management: Create custom drivers and edit existing ones. Learn more

Secure Connectivity and Authentication

  • Centralized Access: Facilitate a centralized access management system. Learn more
  • Connection Access Management: Harness administrator privileges to manage user access for shared connections. Learn more

Data and SQL Management

  • Data Management: Use flexible data filters and switch between views for interactive data handling. Learn more
  • SQL Development Tools: Enhance your SQL development with autocomplete and syntax highlighting. Learn more
  • Script Execution: Execute and manage scripts efficiently. Learn more
  • Data Export: Easily export your data to various formats. Learn more
  • Data Import: Import files into your database with ease. Learn more
  • Data Types: Manage and display diverse data types.

Entity Relationship Diagrams and Visual Query Builder

  • ER Diagrams: Visualize database schemas and relationships. Learn more
  • Visual Query Builder: Construct complex SQL queries effortlessly. Learn more

Artificial Intelligence Support

  • AI Smart Assistance: Enhance your SQL development with AI-powered smart completion. Learn more

Integrated Cloud Tools

  • Cloud Explorer: Access and manage resources from major cloud providers. Learn more
  • Cloud File Explorer: Integrate smoothly with cloud-based file systems. Learn more

User Interface Configuration

  • Server Configuration: Modify CloudBeaver's server settings. Learn more
  • Product Configuration: Customize various aspects of CloudBeaver. Learn more

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