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Password policy

Password Policy Configuration


This document provides guidelines for configuring the password policy in CloudBeaver. The password policy settings allow administrators to define rules for user passwords, ensuring security and compliance with organizational requirements.

Configuration Properties

The following properties can be adjusted in the configuration file to customize the password policy. These settings will be applied globally throughout the application.

  1. minLength:

    • Description: Specifies the minimum length requirement for user passwords.
    • Default Value: 8
    • Example:
      minLength: "${CLOUDBEAVER_POLICY_MIN_LENGTH:10}",
  2. requireMixedCase:

    • Description: Enforces the use of both uppercase and lowercase letters in passwords.
    • Default Value: true (mixed case required)
    • Example:
      requireMixedCase: "${CLOUDBEAVER_POLICY_REQUIRE_MIXED_CASE:false}",
  3. minNumberCount:

    • Description: Sets the minimum number of numeric characters required in passwords.
    • Default Value: 1
    • Example:
       minNumberCount: "${CLOUDBEAVER_POLICY_MIN_NUMBER_COUNT:2}",
  4. minSymbolCount:

    • Description: Defines the minimum number of special symbols required in passwords.
    • Default Value: 1
    • Example:

Applying Password Policy

The configured password policy will be applied during password create and change processes. The CloudBeaver will check the entered passwords against the defined policy, and users will be prompted to update their passwords if they do not meet the specified requirements.

Password policy example

Example snippet:

 passwordPolicy: {