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Data transfer email

Note: Following feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions only.

DBeaver offers a way to send data exported via Data Transfer by E-Mail.

SMTP profile configuration

First, you will need to add an SMTP profile to send email from. Go to WindowPreferencesGeneralMail and create a new profile.

Parameters Host and Port may depend on the mail service you're using. If service offers both SSL and TLS ports, use the latter one. Gmail, for example, uses host smtp.gmail.com and port 587. An example of configured profile:


Then you can use Test connection button to verify that host and credentials are valid.

See troubleshooting section for more information about resolving common authorization problems.

Setting up data transfer

When at least one profile is present, you can actually set up e-mail sending. Create a regular export task, go to Output page and make sure the Send results by E-Mail option is enabled. By pressing Configure label near it, you can specify several recipients and subject for your mail:

That's it. After task is completed, specified recipients will receive an e-mail containing exported file in specified during data transfer format.

Authorization troubleshooting

You may face various problem while setting up a new SMTP profile.

Several common errors when using Gmail and solutions for them are described below:

There were also several cases when antivirus would block DBeaver from sending e-mail.