Main Features

Connection to various datasources

  • Choice of database driver from the variety of supported types. The list of drivers includes drivers for relational, document oriented, key value, time-series and other databases.
  • Support of user-defined connection types and creation of custom drivers an the Driver Manager
  • Configuration of standard (host, port, user credentials) as well as advanced connection properties:
    • SSH tunnel
    • SOCKS proxy
    • Shell commands to be executed before/after actual database connection
  • Bootstrap SQL queries executing in the database session immediately after connecting

NoSQL / BigData databases

DBeaver Enterprise has special extensions for:

  • MongoDB
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Google Bigtable
  • InfluxDB
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Redis
  • Apache Hive

All these databases have SQL interface and you can work with them as with good old relational databases.

And this is not some kind of JDBC driver abstraction – DBeaver EE supports all native data types and databases structure explorer for these databases.


  • DBeaver EE comes with all existing extensions, you don’t need to install anything else. This includes:
    • Office formats support
    • Vector graphics support
    • SQL debugging framework
    • Advanced SSH algorithms
  • Most of popular database drivers are included in distribution
  • A number of Eclipse extensions are included for advanced security and easy installation of 3rd party extension using Eclipse Marketplace

Advanced Security

  • Keep your databases passwords in secured storage protected by master password or use native OS password encrypted storage
  • Use BouncyCastle advanced security algorithms to connect over SSH or SSL

Data viewer and editor

  • Multiple data views to fit the variety of users’ needs, for example display of image contents (gif, png, jpeg, bmp) as an images
  • Editing of data inline and in a dedicated space
  • Convenient navigation among data
  • Custom filters for table contents or query results, including filters based on cell values
  • Results ordering by column
  • Data export with all applied filters and orderings
  • Generation of SQL statements based on selected rows
  • Basic statistics for selected columns

Mock-Data Generator

You can generate random data (or “mock" data) for tables. And this data should look like the real data.

Enterprise edition includes basic and advanced data generators. Including:

  • Numbers
  • Random strings
  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Credit cards
  • Domains and IP addresses
  • Custom regular expressions
  • Flexible numeric generators
  • And many more

SQL editor

  • Organization of scripts into folders and reassignment of database connections for particular scripts
  • SQL syntax highlighting determined by the database associated with a script
  • Support for different sets of reserved keywords and system functions for different databases
  • Import and export of scripts

Visual Query Builder

  • You may construct complex SQL queries without actual knowledge of SQL
  • Make table joins/filtering/ordering visually
  • Open you existing SQL queries in visual mode, edit and save them – that’s easy
  • Execute your visually constructed query at any moment and get results on the screen
  • Analyze complex SQL queries visually

Metadata browser

  • A tree of database connections with their metadata structures down to the lowest level: tables, views, columns, indexes, procedures, triggers, storage entities (tablespaces, partitions), and security entities (users, roles)
  • Ability to modify most metadata entities, depending on the database driver capabilities
  • Display of database objects` DDL and generation of standard SQL92 DDL according to object structure for some databases
  • Ability to edit/rename/delete connections and most database objects
  • Global and local filters, ability to filter database objects by name

Data transfer

  • Export of data to a file or to another database table with the option to create the destination table if it does not exist
  • Supported file formats: CSV, HTML, XML, JSON, XLS, XLSX

ER diagrams

  • Automatically generated ER diagrams for a database/schema (with all tables) or for a single table (with all referenced/referencing tables)
  • Customization of columns visibility
  • Export of diagrams to the formats: GIF, PNG, BMP, GraphML

Data and metadata search

  • Full-text data search against all chosen tables/views with search results shown as filtered tables/views
  • Metadata search among rows in database system tables
  • Ability to set an exact object name or a search mask

Database structure comparing

  • Ability to compare several database objects of any type: tables, schemas, entire databases, etc
  • Comparison results presented in HTML reports

Customer Support

Users of Enterprise Edition have an access to the special online support system. They can write a ticket with question, bug or improvement and track it from the profile.

It usually takes us no more than one working days to answer questions, and just a few days to fix bugs reported by the users.