MySQL updates since version 22.2

Database Connection

  • Added Kerberos support
  • Added MySQL support in Oracle Cloud
  • Added MySQL support in Azure Cloud
  • The default database client was changed to version 8+
  • MySQL NDB driver configuration was fixed

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Added the ability to directly execute SQL scripts in native clients 
  • Added the ability to change column type from string to text while exporting from MongoDB to MySQL
  • Improved privilege editor UI
  • Improved time handling
  • Added partitions support
  • Event reading for quoted schemas was fixed
  • The issue with the empty privileges list was fixed
  • The issue with grave accent quoting was fixed
  • JSON columns can now be used in filters and as keys
  • Hyperlinks navigation was fixed for procedures
  • Complex identifiers quoting was fixed
  • The dashboards bug was fixed
  • User name quoting was fixed
  • Numeric identifiers quoting was fixed
  • An issue with numeric schema names was fixed

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