PostgreSQL updates since version 22.2

Database Connection

  • Added PostgreSQL support for Azure Cloud
  • Added Fujitsu Postgres support
  • The PostgreSQL JDBC driver was upgraded
  • Driver version was updated to 42.5.0 (security update)
  • Improved PostgreSQL 15 support (new data type category)

New Options and Improvements

  • Added the ability to create a full backup and SSL keys automatic conversion
  • Added support for row-level security
  • Added URL-based configuration support 
  • PgPass authentication now supports SSH hosts, and hosts redefine
  • Added the ability to directly execute SQL scripts in native clients
  • Improved the export of data formatting
  • Added Constraints information pre-read option 
  • Added extra options to explain the plan dialog
  • Improved Data type constraints loading 
  • Role comments are now visible/editable
  • Improved box data type support 
  • Added Inherited roles support 
  • Auth role editor was moved to the database level
  • Added materialized views dependencies
  • Composite data type support was improved
  • Array presentation was improved
  • Generation of ALTER table SQL for foreign tables was improved
  • Role settings were added in generated DDL
  • IDENTITY SEQUENCE was added to generated DDL
  • An error message about the line on the map created with a single point was added


  • Routines privileges DDL was fixed
  • Data type DDL generation was fixed
  • Table DDL for partitioned tables was fixed
  • The bug with missing Inherited roles in the PG role DDL was fixed
  • Representation of arrays with NULL elements was fixed
  • Database refresh was fixed (issue with active schema mark)
  • The role create/edit command was fixed
  • The issue with duplicate tables with generated columns in Database Navigator was fixed
  • Schema refresh was fixed
  • Filters for composite data types were fixed
  • Enum columns edit support was fixed
  • The issue with the missing primary key in new tables was fixed
  • The issue with result sets fetch was fixed (OutOfMemory on big results)
  • The bug with adding tables in Visual Query Builder was fixed
  • The issue with numeric field formatting in struct types was fixed
  • The issue with an exception when loading attribute information was fixed
  • Reading a numeric array was fixed
  • PostgreSQL data type by full type name resolution was fixed

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