Enterprise Edition license extension

DBeaver EE license extension prolongates a support and maintenance period for one additional year.


The Standard License extension

The license extension is a way to extend the maintenance period when user can get online support and new product versions.

The user can buy the same or less numbers of License extensions as number of bought perpetual licenses. After purchase the license in DBeaver EE will be updated automatically if DBeaver has an internet access. Otherwise, the user has to import the license key from the personal account once again.

The License extension prolongates a support and maintenance period for one more year. The user can buy a license extension every year without limitations.

The main differences of the DBeaver EE are:

  • Support of NoSQL databases:
    • MongoDB
    • Apache Cassandra
    • Redis
    • InfluxDB
    • Hadoop/HBase
    • WMI
  • All popular database drivers are included to the EE distribution
  • All additional extensions are included to the EE distribution:
    • Office formats support. Export data in XLSX.
    • Vector graphics support. Export diagrams in SVG.
    • Advanced security: keep passwords in OS-specific secure storage, protect configurations with master password.
    • SSH tunnels with advanced secure algorithms
  • Advanced mock-data generators.
  • Visual Query Builder
  • Persistent Query Manager database – allows tracking all your SQL
  • Eclipse Marketplace support: allows easily installing any additional Eclipse plugins
Besides the EE features and customer support, licensed users have the possibility to request the development of special features. Additionally, their tickets have higher priority.
For more information please check detailed Enterprise Features description.
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