Lite Edition License

Perpetual DBeaver LE license that includes one year or two years of updates and customer support.

DBeaver LE is a light application for the data review and management. Powerful data and metadata editors and the advanced SQL-editor are available out-of-the box. DBeaver LE also includes all visualisation tools such us ER-diagrams, analytical charts, spatial data viewer and execution plan diagram.

DBeaver LE license is a perpetual license that includes one year or two years of support and maintenance. The standard support gives an access to the internal support system on the site. The standard maintenance gives a possibility to download all new product versions released during the whole maintenance period.

This license is distributed per user. One user can install DBeaver with this license on a few workstations if they are used by this user only.

The perpetual license does not require an internet access on the workstation. User can run DBeaver with this license in the offline mode or with firewall.

After the end of the selected support period user can continue to use DBeaver Lite Edition without support and updates or buy a license extension or a new license.

Besides the LE features and customer support, licensed users have the possibility to request the development of special features. Additionally, their tickets have higher priority.
For more information please check detailed Enterprise Features description.