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Learn more about Team Edition, a powerful tool for data collaboration across teams in real-time with full functionality of all DBeaver PRO products.

We will cover:

  • How to sync all data sources in one spot;
  • How to easily share resources across teams;
  • How to make data-driven decisions faster.
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    Convenient User Management

    Organize users' access in a couple of clicks through integration with a third-party authorization system (AD, SAML, SSO).

    Comprehensive Data Solution

    Get the full functionality of DBeaver Ultimate and CloudBeaver Enterprise with advanced data collaboration capabilities.

    Server Installation

    Do not store your data on third-party resources. Manage data privately with your team in a web version and desktop app.

    5 data collaboration challenges Team Edition solves

    Data access control

    The larger of data team members, the higher the risk of accidents. With Team Edition, administrators can grant strictly limited access to resources and features for users. Provide team members with only the functionality they need to work with.

    Multiple Team Sync

    You can't quickly get complete data when data workflows are split across different resources. Team Edition provides a single end-to-end data solution for technical and business users. Bring all teams together to manage data in one spot.

    Data Availability

    Getting the required dataset leads to fast data-driven decisions. Team Edition allows you to create ready-made datasets for analytical teams. The users get daily reports in a few clicks without extra steps.

    Cost optimization

    Using various tools for data processing is sometimes too expensive for a company. Replace multiple tools with one comprehensive data collaboration solution. Reduce costs for data processing significantly with Team Edition.

    Workflow automation

    Manual tasks such as processing and updating data take up much time. Get a simple and convenient workspace for collaboration and sharing data across the teams. Reduce routine operations by allowing team members to switch to more important tasks

    Transform data collaboration approach to improve business results significantly