SQL Server updates since version 22.2

Database Connection

  • Added Microsoft Azure support 
  • Added URL-based configuration support
  • SQL Server support was added to the ODBC driver 
  • The multiple databases support was redesigned
  • The driver was upgraded
  • The driver version was updated to 11.2.3. The trust server certificate option was moved to the main connection page
  • UI for Kerberos authentication configuration was fixed

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Improved exporting data formatting 
  • Added VARCHAR(MAX) data type support and table column comments support
  • It is now possible to disable the TOP clause in select queries
  • Columns with aliases can now be edited
  • Added table column comments support
  • Multiple resultsets reading was fixed (extra error handling was added)
  • Schema selector was fixed for databases that don’t support schema change
  • DDL for nchar and nvarchar columns was fixed (incorrect length)
  • Table DDL: issue with duplicated index declaration was fixed
  • The issue with GO delimiter evaluation was fixed
  • The database name proposal was fixed
  • Execution plan visualization was fixed
  • The issue with sequence value selection was fixed
  • Server messages (printed on raise error) reading was fixed
  • The issue with duplicated data types was resolved

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