Team Edition 24.1

June 11, 2024
Changes since 24.0:


    User authorization:
    • Added LDAP authentication;
    • Added the ability to assume AWS session with SAML without proxy user;
    • Implemented JWKS authentication support.
    Data viewer and SQL editor:
    • Added support for auto-completion for sub-selects;
    • Added support for custom Llama-based AI models.
    Data transfer:
    • Added the ability to select a case for column names for export to CSV.
    • DuckDB, Oracle, SQLite, Clickhouse, and Trino drivers were updated;
    • AlloyDB: Added the ability to create connection in the Cloud Explorer;
    • BigQuery: Clustered tables presentation was improved for in the navigator tree;
    • Databricks: Added authentication with personal access token;
    • DB2i: Procedure creation query recognition was fixed;
    • DuckDB:
      • Added spatial data visualization;
      • Improved sequences, views, and table definitions;
      • Fixed aliases autocompletion;
    • Informix: Improved Time Series data type support;
    • H2: Enhanced security for connection through H2 driver;
    • Firestore: Added Document ID to the Data grid;
    • MongoDB: 
      • Enhanced work with special symbols in the JSON presentation;
      • Added support for length() function for SELECT statements;
    • Neo4j: Significantly enhanced driver support. Now, the structured data can be presented in JSON or text format. Users can execute queries using Cypher query language;
    • Oracle:
      • Improved JSON data type support;
      • Added Oracle Legacy driver with support for Oracle server versions 8, 9, and 10.

    Team Edition Web

    • Added the ability for users to configure personal settings for the interface, SQL editor, and data viewer through the settings panel;
    • Improved the process of application update – user can track the application update process now;
    • Added the button to close all open sessions if the limit is exceeded.
    Accessibility: All popup dialogs became available for screen readers, including JAWS, to improve the experience for users with disabilities.
    Data viewer and SQL editor:
    • Added support for manual and automatic modes for committing changes to the database;
    • Added the ability to set NULL values for BLOB and GIS data via the cell’s context menu in the table;
    • Row count calculation in the grid can be canceled for Data Editor and SQL Editor now;
    • Large text values (more than 100 Kb) are now automatically opened in the Value panel.
    Data transfer:
    • Added the ability to import data to the database from CSV, XML, and XLSX  files.
    Connection settings:
    • Implemented support for utilizing environment variables within connection configurations.
    Query manager:
    • Added schema and catalog fields to query details.
    • Added new StarRocks, Kyuubi, Cubrid, and Altibase drivers;
    • Firestore: Added the ability to edit data via JSON tab;
    • Snowflake: Added support for SSO authentication.

    Team Edition desktop

    • Users can create custom web-based charts and add them to Dashboards;
    • The dashboard user interface was redesigned. It now allows users to drag and drop charts, add and edit them in one click using toolbar buttons, and customize the dashboard view.
    Tableau: Users can add Tableau charts to Dashboards and see how they change when data changes inside the application.
      Data Compare:
      • Comparison performance significantly increased. Users can now compare tables with millions of rows;
      • Export of comparison results to SQL and HTML was added;
      • User interface on the Key configuration and Column mapping tabs was improved.
      SQL Editor:
      • Smart mode for statement delimiter in SQL scripts was added;
      • Highlighting, validation, and outline for INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements were supported;
      • Auto-completion for sub-selects was supported.
      AI enhancements:
      • AI smart assistance and AI Chat in the SQL Editors were enabled by default;
      • Custom Llama-based AI models were supported.
      Visual Query Builder: 
      • BETWEEN conditions were supported;
      • The ability to change table aliases in joined tables was added.
      Cloud Explorer: Supported ability to see connections for selected cloud configurations.
        • The ability to import configured connections from Toad for Oracle was added;
        • The possibility to collect DBeaver diagnostic information automatically for tech support was added.
        Task management:
        • The new panel can be opened in the desktop application to view scheduled tasks from all projects;
        • Users can receive email notifications depending on the result of task execution and the presence of attachments;
        • Running tasks can be automatically canceled after the specified timeout.
        Databases and drivers:
        • BigQuery support was enhanced:
          • Added Clustered table presentation;
          • Users can see Bytes processed/billed and other statistics in a new panel in the data viewer.
        • Added Romanian localization;
        • Updated French localization.