Team Edition licenses

Trial license

The Trial license is a free license for one administrator, 3 developers, 3 managers, 3 editors and 3 viewers for testing the Team Edition for 14 days.

You can request the Trial license by filling the special form on the site.

You can request the trial license for each new version of the Team Edition.

Team Edition license

The Team Edition license is a single license key that contains information about the subscription period, the number of users and their role types. There are different role types to meet your organization’s unique needs: administrator, developer, manager, editor and viewer.

The license is provided as an annual subscription. It allows users to run Team Edition, download new product versions and get support during the subscription period. The license is not set up for auto-renew.

The Team Edition can be installed on multiple servers. The Initial license is a license for one administrator and two developers. After purchasing the initial license, it is possible to add any requested number of users of any role. The license considers all named users with access to the product, not only concurrent users.

There are various volume discounts that depend on the number of users. The volume discount is applied automatically on the checkout page. If you need to increase the number of users of the current license, it is possible to add more users of any role by email request or on our website. However, it is not possible to downgrade the number of users before the end of the subscription period.

Once the license is uploaded to the server, the users can run a desktop or web application. The administrators can add users to the system and deactivate them if necessary. To get access to the desktop or web application, the user has to be logged into the system. Also, the user’s status should be active. Additionally, it is possible to log in through external authorization systems.