What’s new in DBeaver 6.2?

Summer ended together with summer vacations. It’s time to return to work. But we didn’t waste these three months and prepared for you a list of new features for DBeaver 6.2.

As usual more details and screens in our news.

  • One of the most interesting new features is an ability to combine your database in a virtual structure inside DBeaver. You can connect tables from different schemas and even databases using virtual primary and foreign keys. If you have being thought about how to look at data from Mongo in your MySQL tables for a long time this feature is definitely for you. The virtual structure does not effect on the real database structure but makes your cross-database interactions much more efficient. You can create virtual keys from metadata editor, data viewer and even in ER diagrams.

  • The next feature is especially useful for people who live under firewall in a big enterprises. We add support for automatic proxy configuration based on the proxy configuration in your browser or system settings. Just set the settings and connect to your databases in the same way as you do this in the browser.


  • We know that some of our users have to manage tens and even hundreds similar connections. Frequently, all of these connections have the same settings for SSH and proxy. But what if you need to change one parameter in your settings? You had to open and edit each of them separately before. Now, you can create a network profile and set it for your connections. If you want to change something you need just change the profile. That’s it. All your changes will be automatically applied for all your connections. It’s much more easier, isn’t it?

  • We hope that you know about the Panels. It’s a place where you can look at information about your object in Data Viewer, count the numbers and group values from your tables. In DBeaver 6.2 we added a new References panel. If the value in your table is a foreign key or has a reference in other table you can see it on the new panel. You can select one value or group of them, the Reference panel works for multi-values as well. And, of course, it can work with virtual foreign keys. Don’t switch between tabs just to look at one value.

  • As usual in the end a couple of words about new databases. This time we would like to highlight added support of encrypted SQLite databases. DBeaver can work out-of-the-box not only with popular SQL Cipher, but also with a wide range of various decryption configuration.