The most interesting from DBeaver 6.3

It’s just a few days before the New year 2020. And before most of you went to short or long holidays we would like to share the last news about the release 6.3

The most interesting things are here.

  • We know that security is one of the most important things for the Enterprises. They use closed networks, remote secured connections and firewalls. We are doing our best for support security needs. DBeaver 6.3 brought us the new feature for the advanced security. It is a master-password inside DBeaver. Now you can setup your own password for all of your connections or for some projects. Even if you share your project with the master-password in Git your secured data will be closed by this password for other people. The master-password was one of the most frequently asked security feature and we are glad to introduce it for you.

  • In DBeaver we love efficiency and optimization and don’t like to repeat routine actions manually. Because of that we have created a new functionality – task management. The first version of the task management is already in DBeaver 6.3. How does it work? You setup export or import for your data and save this as a task. The new task will be kept in a task manager. The next time when you need to repeat this action you can run it from the task manager in one click. Moreover, you can schedule your task and run it regularly even on remote server.

  • When you work with data sometimes it can be useful to create a supplementary column or links in your tables. But what if you don’t want to have this column in your database. Now you can create virtual objects in DBeaver. It can be columns that combine values from other real columns, columns with math formulas, primary and foreign keys. These objects will look and feel like real but your database will be clean.

  • The last but not least, we significantly improved spatial data support. We optimized it for the big amount of data, add coloring and fix small bugs. Thank you for your feedback.