DBeaver 7.0 new features for the difficult time

It’s a difficult time for everyone. People around the world fight pandemia. All conferences and exhibitions were canceled. A lot of companies have sent their employees to remote work. We in DBeaver believe that even the worst situations end after some time. But now, it is better to keep calm and take care of yourself and the people around.

The new features of DBeaver 7.0 will help you to keep your work efficient even in a remote workplace. The most important of them in this news.

  • Nowadays, SSO is a security standard for big enterprises. But when we are talking about connection to database with SSO credentials it is usually headache. In DBeaver 7.0 we added additional section in connection manager to set connection through SSO (Kerberos and Active directory). It is implemented for MariaDB and PostgreSQL only, but we are planning to expand this list next releases.

  • We have released the first version of tasks and scheduling in 6.3. The reaction was immediate. We have received a lot of requests about other actions that can be saved as a task. Now, we added SQL scripts execution, backup and restore for databases and the most requested feature – composite tasks. You can create a list of different tasks and run this sequence by request or on the planned time. It’s really step forward in automatization for your routine tasks.

  • A few years ago, when DBeaver EE was small and MongoDB was small we had a very useful feature: a possibility to execute JS scripts in MongoDB on client side. But this feature disappeared for MongoDB after the version 4.1 due to new MongoDB restrictions. We had to fix it and we did. Now, you can run JS scripts in new MongoDB versions as well.

  • When a big team works with database each team member has to be really careful with opened transactions. You cannot switch to auto-commit because it is too dangerous. At the same time, you can block database and stop working process for all other people just making selects in the manual commit mode. The new Smart Commit mode solves this problem. In this mode data requests will be performed immediately, but each action that required to change something will need an additional user confirmation.

  • As a final point we would like to introduce a new supported database for DBeaver 7.0: Couchbase.