Meet the last DBeaver release in 2021

Well, it is officially winter. This means that there are many pleasant events ahead that we have been waiting for, like the release 21.3. We have added many useful features and databases which you have been asking about. Thank you for your feedback and for helping us get better with every new update! Here is a list of the most important updates in the latest 2021 version of DBeaver:
  • We continue to work actively to improve Data transfer. We have completely rethought the settings dialog in the new version and improved the performance significantly. Also, in the latest version, users can import data to PostgreSQL from any other source via the hidden Copy command. This allowed us to really speed up important process. Another new feature that our users have been asking for, for a long time, is to export data in any suitable format and send the file by email. You can use it as a one-time action or schedule as a task.
    • As we have announced earlier, DBeaver has become an official partner of Liquibase. In the 21.3 release, the license key activation is available in DBeaver UI. Liquibase Pro users can import their license key into DBeaver in the preferences dialog. This is much easier than posting the key in the configuration file. In addition, we have added the possibility to view the logs for the database scheme comparison inside DBeaver.
      • Breaking news! DBeaver has a new official partner — Teradata. It follows that the latest version of DBeaver includes a special extension for Teradata with support for TLS and triggers management. The Teradata driver (v.17.10) is now also in the DBeaver package so you do not have to manually download it.
          • Another essential feature in DBeaver is that we regularly improve Data Compare. The latest release adds a changelog, progress bar, and SQL diff generation for it.
            • And finally, here are the new supported databases in DBeaver: Babelfish and Oceanbase.
        That is all. You can always find a list of our updates in detail at the release notes DBeaver 21.3.