DBeaver 21.2

The number of changes that we make for each release is so huge that we cannot highlight all of them even in the release notes. Because of that we have added a special page with extended release notes for each release like this one. Of course, the tiny fixes cannot be included even in this list but if you are looking for the fix of some particular bug it makes sense to look through the big version of release notes.

But as usual, there are some things in release 21.2 that we especially want to draw your attention to. More details about them are below.

  • The first place in our top news of the release 21.2 is for the possibility to edit ER-diagrams. Now you can add or remove tables and columns, change data types, create constraints on the diagram, and apply these changes to your database. It is the first version of forward engineering through ER-diagrams in DBeaver. There are a lot of things that we are going to improve. However, we would like to ask for your feedback. Maybe, you miss some features or have another workflow. We really welcome your suggestions.

    • Security is one of the foundation stones for modern enterprises especially when we are talking about data. Connection to database is not just enter user login and password but a lot of things like encryption, tunnels, SSO, and other. We improve DBeaver functionality related to database authentication every release. Since the version 21.2 DBeaver has included support for:
      – Federated authorization for Redshift
      – SSH tunnels for AWS RDS databases
      – SSH jump server support for any database

    • One more thing about enterprise security is necessity to change a user password regularly. When you got used to work in DBeaver interface it is not really convenient to open console or run another tool just to change password. We have added this feature for the most popular databases. Now you can do this in DBeaver in a few clicks as it is described in the documentation. If your favourite database is not in the list just let us know.

      • Finally, interesting news about the new partnership. DBeaver is official partner of Liquibase Pro. It means that if you use a commercial version of liquibase to compare your databases you can import your Liquibase license into DBeaver and get access to the list of additional objects to compare them in DBeaver interface.