DBeaver 22.3

Our team has done a lot of cool things this year, and it’s time to meet the last release of 2022. We are excited to share the updates that DBeaver PRO 22.3 brings.

  • This time we have decided to partially change the design of the toolbars in Data Editor and SQL Editor to make them cleaner. For example, you can now change the default command for the “Export data” button to the “Excel” or “Web browser.” Select the option you need most often and then use it in one click.

  • Several improvements have been made to the Data Transfer. We have not only changed the UI and mapping but have also worked on the export to the XLSX format. Now you can add rows to an existing sheet or create a new sheet in the same Excel file.

  • In addition, we have solved the issue of overwriting an existing file with the same name for exporting to all supported formats.

  • We are happy to tell you that DBeaver and ClickHouse have officially become partners. You can now work with ClickHouse Cloud databases in our latest app version. For ClickHouse, we have added an advanced visualization of the execution plan, refined type mapping, and made data import faster. Now you can also connect to ClickHouse with SSL using the new tab in the connection dialog.

  • Along with AWS and GCP, which appeared earlier, our Cloud Explorer now has support for the Azure SQL Server.

    We have also redesigned Cloud Explorer to simplify working simultaneously with multiple cloud configurations. Now it is easier to view and customize them in a single window.

  • And last but not least: newly supported databases in our app.

        ○ InfluxDB 2 is an absolutely new database under the old name. It has a different API and a new query language called Flux that is purposely built for time series data. So if you have already upgraded to the InfluxDB 2, you can now use it with DBeaver. Please make sure not to get confused by the names and connect to it with a new driver.
        ○ CouchBase 3. The new API of CouchBase 3 breaks the existing 2.x APIs to provide several improvements. So if you want to migrate to the new version, you can still connect to the databases using the brand-new driver in the creating connection dialog.
        ○ TimeStream. We are glad to say that we support this new time series database from the AWS family, which is now available both in the standard connection dialog and in the Cloud Explorer. Moreover, for Timestream in DBeaver, you can use the same way of visualizing data with graphs as for InfluxDB.
        ○ Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres provides powerful tools to protect the organization from database security threats and allows them to work safely with sensitive data. The great news is that we have become official partners because we both desire to make working with data as secure as possible.
        ○ Oracle Cloud JSON, a new document database in Oracle Cloud, to which you can connect with an existing Oracle driver. Working with this database through our app, you can conveniently view and edit the JSONs stored in it.
        ○ OpenSearch. Many of you have asked to add the driver for this community-driven, open-source fork of Elasticsearch, and we have done it in the new DBeaver version.