DBeaver 23.2

September is the time for one of the year’s biggest releases. We are happy to share the latest updates on all our products. Let’s take a look at the main features of DBeaver 23.2 compared to previous versions.

Enhanced data analysis capabilities
  • In the latest version of DBeaver PRO, we have added integration with Tableau. Users with an account in that system can view and edit existing custom queries and tables. This assumes that analysts and other specialists with connections in both DBeaver and Tableau, can manipulate the completed data. For example, you can edit queries in DBeaver and then visualise them in Tableau. For a full understanding, you can read about how Tableau integration works in the documentation.

  • Our team has also improved importing data from Excel files. The user has more flexibility now in distributing data when they load it into DBeaver. You can transfer your data from the file with several sheets to multiple database tables using DBeaver’s Data Transfer feature. At the same time, the options of importing a sheet or several at once into one table are also available.

  • The updates listed above are combined with the appearance of the Salesforce driver that many of our users have been waiting for. At this point, you can use Salesforce databases to track the accuracy of the data in them without purchasing and downloading additional software, as the driver is developed by the DBeaver team. Given that Salesforce is used by over 150,000 companies worldwide, accessing objects from this system via DBeaver could be a key capability for users of both systems.

Scheduler, User provisioning, and git integration for more advanced teamwork

We have made several important improvements to Team Edition:

  • Working with user management has been made easier with the full-fledged introduction of User provisioning. This new feature, which is on the Access Management tab in the Administration menu, allows you to move user account data quickly from third-party systems to our own. When using this function, the administrator can load any list at once and configure all accesses and project membership. In Team Edition, you can also select a role for each user directly on the Access Management tab. You can upload lists of users from Azure AD and Okta and select and create a profile for them in Team Edition or CloudBeaver in just a few clicks.


  • In the new version of Team Edition, the Task Scheduler is now available as a separate service. The advantage is that all tasks are performed remotely, not on the local machine. In release 23.2, the scheduler works for exporting data, executing SQL scripts, and database maintenance for shared connections.

  • Also, at the request of our users, we have added a Git integration that can be configured in the Administration menu of Team Edition. If the project administrator has enabled Git services in the Server configuration tab, you can keep your project scripts, diagrams, datasets, connection configurations, bookmarks, and other data in a Git repository. All this will synchronise the team data in the project in Team Edition and the repository.


  • SSL support is now available in all of our web applications. This capability protects sensitive database information and ensures regulatory compliance. The SSL option is now available for establishing connections in MySQL, PostgreSQL, Clickhouse, Mongo, and Cassandra.

Expand accessibility with JAWs support and high-contrast themes

  • We keep working on accessibility in our desktop apps to make them easier to use for blind and visually impaired people. This time we have added JAWs support in the Data Editor and all the main DBeaver views.

  • The other good news is that you can now switch to the high-contrast theme in your Windows system settings, and it will be applied to our app the next time you run it. This theme makes it easier to read the text and distinguish between different UI elements. For a full understanding, you can read about how accessibility features work in DBeaver.

Newly supported databases in our apps

  • CloudBeaver users now have the ability to create database connections that appeared in our desktop tool in earlier versions. You can find connectors to SingleStore, TiDB and TiDB Cloud Telemetry databases in our connection wizard.

  • The number of supported databases continues to grow in all enterprise applications. This time the list includes:

○ Apache Kafka (ksqlDB);
○ InfluxDB 3 (via Arrow Flight SQL JDBC driver);
○ Amazon Neptune;
○ Materialize;
○ Azure Cosmos DB;
○ Salesforce;
○ TDengine.