Interview with beavers: Elena, sales manager

Being able to keep track of sales data allows a company to reach out to its customers when needed, stay organized, and keep track of where they should be and at what time. All necessary data about past, current, and potential customers is usually stored in the company’s database. DBeaver can help sales specialists to work with large amounts of purchase data even without deep knowledge of SQL scripting.

We are happy to say that not only our technical specialists but all team members use our apps for their working processes. This time we talked to Elena, the sales manager at our company, and she was glad to share her experience with DBeaver.

How do you use DBeaver?

Using our app, I work with the company’s database to solve several important tasks. One of the main ones is to build a financial report on the number of licenses sold for a specific period of time. Quite often I also search the database for information about customers to answer their questions. For example, I can quickly find out if the client took a trial for a product or if the issued license is still valid.

Why do you like our app?

One of my favorite features of our app is Connection types. We use different database versions in production and stage, and it is important not to break anything in the first one. So by setting the connection types in the navigation tree and thus switching the product version to manual transactions mode, I will never mix up the databases. Especially handy is the appearance of a red highlight around the edges of all editors, reminding me which version I’m working with at a particular moment.

I regularly write simple queries in the SQL Editor, and use Visual Query Builder to build more complex queries based on the visual presentation of tables and joins. I also really like the Grouping panel, which I use to quickly view data on specific products or individual and group licenses. And finally, I want to suggest all sales managers use a great combination of a Visual Query Builder and Grouping and Calc panels. Conveniently, panels can be opened directly in the result set to group the needed data or make some calculations quickly.

What do you want to improve in our app?

We have a lot of UI elements in DBeaver, and I think it will be great to create documentation for all our icons. It may help our users, especially beginners, to understand which icon is used for which purpose. Speaking about features I use the most, I would like to see the export to Excel function appear in the Grouping panel. For the rest, I am delighted with the functionality already available in our product.