How DBeaver Works with Resellers

In the ever-evolving software world, many companies choose a less conventional path: purchasing through resellers rather than directly from vendors. This isn’t just a trend: it’s a strategic shift that often benefits everyone involved: customers, resellers, and software providers. At DBeaver, we’re recognizing this reality, and actively fostering it by building a global network of trusted sales partners. But why exactly are customers opting for this approach? Let’s dive into the advantages that software resellers bring to the table.

The Benefits of Buying Software Through Resellers

Some organizations face challenges or restrictions when buying software directly. Enterprise businesses may find it easier to acquire licenses through an established reseller due to a process that typically goes through several approval steps.

Adding a new vendor can take time, especially for larger companies. Sometimes, company policy or security concerns prevent them from buying directly. Small and medium-sized businesses often find it easier to manage software through a single reseller, rather than dealing with multiple vendors. Banks, financial institutions, and government entities often face security restrictions that prohibit direct purchases.

Additionally, customers worldwide frequently prefer purchasing from familiar local companies. For example, businesses in China, South Korea, Japan and other Asian countries tend to favor established regional resellers who are not affected by language barriers.

Forging Reseller Partnerships

DBeaver’s reseller network is continually growing, encompassing both established partners and new companies. These partnerships are built in a variety of ways:

  • Direct inquiries: Resellers contact DBeaver directly through our inquiry form.
  • Client recommendations: Existing clients suggest resellers they trust.
  • Referrals: New customers who cannot or do not want to buy directly recommend that we connect with them through suitable resellers.

Mutual Benefits

The reseller model provides advantages for all stakeholders:

For Customers:

DBeaver reseller partners act as trusted local advisors, simplifying customers’ adoption of our database solutions. They provide region-specific expertise, tailored onboarding, and ongoing support, ensuring a smooth customer experience. This is particularly valuable in markets where DBeaver has limited direct presence, as resellers offer a localized touchpoint for sales, implementation, and technical assistance. By handling tasks like license management and renewals, resellers free up customers’ internal resources, allowing them to focus on core business activities.

For example, a multinational company with a branch office in a smaller country might find it more efficient to implement DBeaver’s tools through a local reseller. The reseller can guide them through the procurement process, provide training and support in their native language, ensure ongoing maintenance, and handle updates efficiently. This allows the company to focus on leveraging the software for their business needs, rather than navigating the complexities of direct purchases and international support.

For Sales Partners:

DBeaver partners gain a range of advantages designed to empower their success. Partners get specialized support and consulting services, the knowledge and needed expertize to effectively represent and sell our products. This partnership expands their portfolio with high-quality database solutions, empowering them to offer top-notch services to their customers.

Sales partners get the full access to all DBeaver products for testing, learning, providing demo, consultancy and support for the prospects and customers. Additionally, resellers may participate in a partners rewarding program incentivizing their continued growth and success.

For example, a software reseller specializing in data management might want to expand their offerings to include a more powerful and versatile database solution. By partnering with DBeaver, they were specialized in data analytics tool and now with special training they can cover also market of data engineers and data architects. As their sales performance increases, they unlock higher discount levels, fueling their profitability even more.

For DBeaver:

Our reseller partnerships have played an important role in expanding our market reach in different countries and regions. Specifically, the extensive reseller catalog allows us to build stable relationships in the DBeaver – sales partner – customer chain.

For example, QNB Finansbank, a large Turkish bank, purchased a license for DBeaver Enterprise through our reseller partner SoftwareOne Turkey in 2021 and renewed their product subscription annually for the next three years through the same method.

In addition to geographic expansion, we offer training and resources to further empower our reseller partners to deliver exceptional customer support in their local markets and native languages.


For end users, DBeaver’s reseller partnerships offer many benefits. They simplify the procurement process, ensure local availability and support, facilitate renewals and purchases, and provide customers with a seamless and personalized approach when implementing our solutions.

If you are interested in the opportunity to work with the DBeaver team, you can fill out an application to become an official sales partner.