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Comprehensive data management

Analyze, compare, visualize and transfer data in any format and sources. Launch Task manager to automate your everyday work.

High-Level Security

Support for complex authorization mechanisms such as Singe Sign-On (AWS SSO, GCP SSO, Okta), Kerberos, multi-factor authentification, and more.

Ready-to-go database toolset

Find everything you need to work with any SQL or NoSQL database, including drivers and special extensions, in one place.


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Lite Edition

An easy solution to view, edit and analyze data from any source in one place. Build reports and save them in any format.

Suitable for:
Financial & BI analysis
Sales management
Marketing management

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Enterprise Edition

Full-Featured toolkit for data management, SQL development, database administration, and maintenance.

Suitable for:
DBA & Technical support
Software development
QA & DevOps

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Ultimate Edition

Comprehensive multitool for database management and administration with easy access to AWS services.

Suitable for:
Work with all data sources
All-round integration with AWS
Single access to AWS and GCP

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  • DBeaver & EDB partnership: synergy for the users’ benefit

    This year we have started a partnership with EDB, the biggest commercial provider of PostgreSQL and a major contributor to this database. They are the longest players in the industry and cooperate with the largest companies in the US. EDB develops and integrates performance, security, and manageability enhancements into Postgres to extend it for enterprise workloads. EDB has also developed database compatibility for Oracle to facilitate the migration of workloads from Oracle to EDB Postgres.

    EDB DBeaver

  • Forward Engineering with ERD

    In our previous article, we talked about two ways how to use diagrams with DBeaver. But ERD can be used not only to view and navigate through data but also to directly make changes to the database.

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