DBeaver license types

There are various types of DBeaver licenses. Here you can find a short description for each of them.

Trial license

The Trial license is a free license that everyone can request for testing any DBeaver Edition for 14 days.

You can request the Trial license from the DBeaver application directly or by filling the special form on the site.

You can request the trial license for each new version of DBeaver products.

Individual license

The Individual license is a perpetual license that includes one year or two years of support and maintenance.

The standard support gives access to the customer support system on the website. The standard maintenance allows downloading all new product versions released during the whole maintenance period.

The Individual license is distributed per user. One user can install DBeaver with this license on a few workstations if they are used by this user only.

This license doesn’t require internet access on the user workstation. User can run DBeaver with this license in offline mode or behind a corporate firewall.

After the selected support period ends, the user can continue to use DBeaver without support and updates or purchase a license extension to prolong the support and maintenance period for one additional year.

Group license

The Group license is a perpetual license with a limited support and maintenance period (one year or two years) created for a determined number of users. A customer can order the group license for any number of users.

DBeaver with the Group license can be installed on the limited number of workstations according to the number of users in the license. Each user accessing DBeaver has to be counted in the group license.

Also, DBeaver can be installed on a virtual machine with limited access for the determined number of users.

The Group license can be purchased on our site. The price of the Group license depends on the number of users. There are various volume discounts for the Group licenses that also depend on a number of users. The volume discount is applied automatically on the checkout page.

If you need to increase the number of users of the current group license, it is possible to add more users by email request.

Ultimate license

The Ultimate license is an umbrella license that combines all DBeaver tools for individuals. The DBeaver Ultimate license has the same features as an individual one but allows a customer to use DBeaver Lite, Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

Subscription license

The Subscription license is a license that gives a possibility to use DBeaver Lite or Enterprise Edition during the subscription period.

By default, the subscription is automatically renewed every month. You can stop auto-prolongation at any time in your personal account or in the FastSpring storefront. The license will have been valid until the end of the subscription period but you will not be charged next month. You can remove the cancellation prior to the next rebill period to keep the subscription. If you don’t remove the cancellation, the subscription expires. Then you cannot un-cancel a deactivated subscription, but you can purchase a new one.

If you need to stop an active subscription for a while, you can pause it for 1 – 10 months. Then you will not be charged during the selected period of time. After the selected period the subscription will be automatically resumed. If you change your mind, you can resume the subscription that is in paused state in the personal account.

One user can install DBeaver with this license on a few workstations if they are used by this user only.

The Subscription license requires an internet access on the workstation for the first activation and each prolongation. User will not be able to use DBeaver with subscription license without activation.

Academic license

The Academic license is a free license that is provided for students and teachers only.

The Academic license fits DBeaver Enterprise Edition only. You can use DBeaver EE without any restrictions during one year with the Academic license. After the first year you will need to request the new license and reaffirm your student or teacher status.

If you want to get Academic license you need to fill a special form. We use a university email for your status verification, so, please, use your university account for the request. The official request from the university email is the easiest way to receive the Academic license.

If you do not have a university email you have to attach some documents for your status verification, e.g. photo of your student card, contract with your name, etc.

All requests are reviewed manually. Usually, it takes about three working days.