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The Data tab of the Database Object Editor is a data editor that appears only for tables and views. The Data editor allows the filtering and editing of data of a table or view.

The central part of the Data tab is a data table. Besides the data table, the editor contains two toolbars and a filter field:

In the data area, every column header contains three elements each having its own function:

  • Clicking the column name or column icon highlights the whole column
  • You can click the column icon and then drag and drop the column to a different position in the table
  • You can click the column name and then drag the cursor right or left to highlight multiple columns
  • Clicking the ordering icon allows ordering the data in the column in ascending or descending order

Managing Data Table Appearance

The main tool for managing the appearance of the data table is the Result Set/Filter Settings window. To open this window, click the Custom Filters icon (…):

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