Don’t forget to download the new version DBeaver EE 7.2

Have you noticed that we changed the procedure of the license extending? Now, it doesn’t matter when your license expired you can buy the license extension at any time. Moreover, you do not need to do anything in DBeaver after your purchase, the license will be extended automatically.

Maybe, it’s time to renew? Let’s take a look what’s new in DBeaver 7.2.

  • The list of the most interesting features DBeaver EE 7.2 starts from statistics. You can see a database object size in the navigation tree. It is easy to find the empty tables or the biggest ones. By default, we don’t show the size for big objects like databases or schemas to avoid performance problems but you can activate this feature in preferences.

    • Continuing the analysis theme we are happy to say that we finally added possibility to group data in the Visual Query Builder. You can combine data from two or more tables, select different columns and count the number of grouped items, average value or maximum for your analytics. Even if you think that working with aggregation functions is too complicated it makes sense to give it a try. It is easier than it looks like.

      • We never stop to improve important parts of DBeaver. In the version 7.2 we completely renovate the data import. You can import data from .CSV or .XLSX files to the new or existing tables in your databases. Multi-import for a few files is also possible. Don’t forget that you can save your import settings as a task and schedule it to repeat regularly.

        • A bit more about the tasks. It was not surprising that tasks became very popular among DBeaver users. They are really helpful for routine process automation. In DBeaver EE 7.2 we extended the list of administration tools that can be saved as tasks for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Exasol.

        • Also we continue to improve cloud support. This release brings us additional settings for AWS IAM authentication. The third-party AWS accounts work in DBeaver now.

        • Of course, we did much more than listed here. For example, we added plenty of features for Netezza, supported CouchDB and made tens UI improvements. But it’s better to test, not just read. We are sure, you will like new release.