The last DBeaver EE release in 2020

Every time we write news and release notes for the new DBeaver EE version we choose what is the most important that we need to highlight. But we cannot cover everything. If you need the full list of changes you can find it on the special page now. The biggest updates form DBeaver EE 7.3 are in our news as usual.

  • The first item in our list is support for task scheduling on MacOS and Linuxes. It has been the most requested improvement since version 7.2. Now, you can schedule and track your tasks through DBeaver UI. Please, draw your attention that the native scheduling is required access to the system settings and you need to allow these changes for DBeaver. More details can be found in the documentation.

    • Working with AWS databases through DBeaver is getting more and more popular among our users. In release 7.3 we have extended the list of the AWS databases adding DocumentDB. DocumentDB is based on MongoDB engine. Most of the MongoDB features will be available for the DocDB as well. Additionally, we have significantly improved support for DynamoDB. If you have some questions to working with DynamoDB in DBeaver 7.2 it will definitely make sense to update your DBeaver.

      • The next feature is really useful for everyone who has to manage huge SQL scripts. Now it is possible to fold queries in one row in the SQL-editor. Easy to find, easy to read, easy to check.

        • The last thing for this news is about MongoDB. In the new DBeaver version we have done a lot for MongoDB. We supported the old MongoDB versions (less than 3.0), improved data export, added preview for the exported data. But the most interesting feature is a possibility to use aggregate functions such us group by, order by, having, average and other. Even complicated SQL-requests are available for MongoDB now.