CloudBeaver 22.2

Let us introduce you to the new version, 22.2, which is already available for all CloudBeaver products. Here is a short list of the major updates to the web application.


  • AWS connections now support External ID for third-party access;
  • Azure Active Directory can be used for SQL Server authentication;
  • Different authentication mechanisms and the connection configuration through URL for MongoDB have been added;
  • Support for Oracle Cloud connection has been added;
  • Administrators can create shared connections via the Connection menu on a public page.

Resource Manager:

  • users can group scripts into folders;
  • when the internet connection is lost, script editing is disabled to prevent users from losing data;
  • users can refresh all scripts by clicking one button;
  • users can rename scripts.

Local configuration:

  • the application language can be set;
  • the number of table rows to load can be configured;
  • SQL query execution time limit can be changed;
  • The cookies can be disabled.

New versions of CloudBeaver 22.2 are available to download on the Docker hub and AWS marketplace.