Welcome DBeaver Team Edition

We are happy to announce that we have released Team Edition, a new DBeaver product for team collaboration.

Team Edition is an umbrella product under DBeaver PRO and CloudBeaver, and it includes the full functionality of both of them. However, its main goal is to provide a comfortable and secure environment for teamwork. Team Edition provides a common interface to manage data and data sources available in a company. Using it, you can configure roles and teams to manage data access by user level and share resources across your teams in real time. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Teams and Roles

A team is a group of users working together, each of which has a specific role. Depending on the role, team members may have different levels of access to data. This mechanism allows the administrator to strictly limit access to resources and features for users and ensure the necessary level of privacy and data security.

In DBeaver Team Edition 22.3, we have two roles: Administrator and Developer, but we are going to add more roles in the nearest future.

Work with Projects together

If you have already used our products, you may be familiar with Projects. This concept has taken on a special meaning in Team Edition, where you can share projects with your teammates.

In Team Edition, we have two types of projects: shared and private. Shared ones can only be created by administrators. There is no limit to the number of these projects, and they can contain connections, scripts, and tasks that team members can use simultaneously.

Thanks to this approach, teamwork becomes much easier and more efficient. You no longer need to use git to collaborate. All changes come in real-time in both desktop and web versions.

At the same time, any team member can still create his own private projects, to which only they will have access. This ability can be restricted by the administrator if necessary.

One license for a team

With Team Edition, you can get the full functionality of all DBeaver products. The license is intended for the entire team at once, and it includes information about the number of users and their roles. We do not count servers or desktop installations, only named users. Since there is only one key, the administrator does not need to share any license information with the end user. Thanks to this, the installation of the Team Edition in your infrastructure becomes simple and secure.

Team Edition solves two problems at once: it simplifies collaboration on projects and allows you to set access levels for all team members conveniently. In our next articles, we will cover the features of this product in more detail.