Interview with beavers: Tatiana, marketing specialist

Data of existing and potential customers are commonly collected and maintained in a company’s database. This process lets companies know their target audience better, understand trends, and identify new sales opportunities. Marketing specialists use the data to get more information about purchasing, launching marketing campaigns, and providing more specialized offerings for customers. It is easy to do all this using DBeaver features.

Most of the work on the data can be done with an easy-to-use Data Editor similar to an Excel spreadsheet with extensive functionality. In addition, marketing specialists can search, filter, group, and calculate data with multifunctional panels, as well as visualize data and create reports.

DBeaver provides many opportunities to work with databases for both technical and non-technical specialists. And all our teammates, including those who are not involved in the app development, use it every day. We spoke with our marketing specialist, Tatiana and asked her to share her experience of using DBeaver in her workflow.

How do you use DBeaver?

DBeaver helps me to work with our company’s database for customer analysis. I use a lot of different data: the source of trial licenses, how many of them are converted to PRO licenses, purchasing details, etc.

Every week I update my customer report based on the current number of trial users and the number of new PRO licenses. I also analyze the conversion rate of trial users to real customers.

All this helps me to find out:
– What statistics do we have now, and what is our next step?
– How effective are our marketing campaigns?
– When are our customers most active, and why?

All this is only possible with a database because no marketing tool can provide such extensive data.

Why do you like our app?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that with DBeaver is that it is really easy to connect to a database. I only need to apply the settings once and work with the data I need.

Speaking of the main features, I regularly run a few SQL scripts which I created in advance and saved on my disk. All I need to do is change the date on them, which frees me from wasting my time. I am quite new to SQL scripting, but I keep learning about it with the help of the SQL Editor, and I have really got into this process.

I like to work with our Data Editor. I use it to quickly filter the database table for specific user types, locations, and industries for trending and analysis purposes. By the way, I sometimes get some helpful tips from our content creator and use them in my work.

I have also occasionally tried more advanced features, such as Data Compare. With it, I can compare data from my previous reports with the current state and track the differences.

What do you want to improve in our app?

I would like our team to continue improving data visualization in DBeaver. It would be very useful for marketing specialists, and it would save a lot of time and effort.