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CloudBeaver License Management

Note: This feature is available in Enterprise, AWS, Team editions only.

CloudBeaver Licenses

Following products need a license:

  • CloudBeaver EE
  • CloudBeaver AWS in a custom host
  • CloudBeaver Team Edition

License installation

You need to get a license from your profile on web site.
You can use a commercial or trial license. All licenses work the same way.

You add your license when you first start CloudBeaver during Server configuration. Also, it's possible to return to the Administration panel anytime and import the license. This can be done in two ways: by adding the license text or by uploading the license file. In the first case, please note that you need to copy-paste the full license text (not just the license ID). The license text starts with '–' and ends with '==' characters.


Once you have the license text in the filed, click 'Import'.

License upgrade

License has an expiration period. Typically it is 1 year.
If your machine has access to internet then license will be updated automatically after you you upgraded it on
Otherwise you will need to go to admin panel again and re-install the license.

Team Edition license

In CloudBeaver Team Edition license has additional parameter: assigned roles and user count for each role.
Thus the license limits number of users who can log-in and use CloudBeaver. CloudBeaver validates these numbers automatically.