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Licnese Management

CloudBeaver Licenses

Following prodcts need a license:

  • CloudBeaver EE
  • CloudBeaver AWS in a custom host
  • CloudBeaver Team Edition

License installation

On you first application open it will ask you for a lucense.
You need to get a license from your profile on web site.
You can use a commercial or trial license. All licenses work the same way.

Once you have a license text you can go to the administration panel, copy-paste license text in correponding text field and click "Import license".

License upgrade

License has an expiration period. Typically it is 1 year.
If your machine has access to internet then license will be updated automatically after you you upgraded it on
Otherwise you will need to go to admin panel again and re-install the license.

Team Edition license

In CloudBeaver Team Edition license has additional parameter: assigned roles and user count for each role.
Thus the license limits number of users who can log-in and use CloudBeaver. CloudBeaver validates these numbers automatically.

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