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Team Edition Git


Team Edition has integration with the Git version control system. You can keep your project scripts, diagrams, datasets, connection configurations, bookmarks, and other data in a Git repository.

Git configuration

Enable Git services

Firstly, in order for you to be able to configure git, you need to enable git services. For this:

  • go to the Administration menu
  • enable Git services in the Server configuration tab.
  • save server configuration image

General Git settings

Now, you need to set the global git settings and set up the credentials of the technical user of your git service. These credentials will be used to access your repositories.

  • open the Git settings tab
  • enter the technical user's username
  • enter the technical user's password
  • enter the technical user's email
  • save configuration image

Project Git settings

Each project has its own git settings and is configured separately. Git can be enabled for existing projects, as well as for new ones To configure the project:

  • go to the Projects tab
  • select an existing project or create a new one
  • open Git tab in the project settings
  • set up git parameters:
Parameter Description
EnabledEnable/disable git integration for the project
Repository URL Link to your remote repository
Branch name (optional)The name of the branch that will be used to save all changes in the project. If no branch is specified, the default branch specified for the repository will be used. !!!WARNING!!! application does not automatically create branches, so if you want to use a branch other than the default, you must create it by yourself in the remote repository, and only then specify it in the project configuration
Data to sync with git Select the data you want to store in your repository, non-selected types will be ignored and only stored inside the resource manager file system


When setting up the project for the first time, the project and repository files will be synchronized. !!!WARNING!!! When synchronizing, the files in the project are considered to be of higher priority than the files in the repository, so in case of a conflict, the files of the repository will be overwritten. In other cases, the repository will store both files from the project and files that were previously in the repository.



After all settings, any changes to the project resources will be automatically synchronized with the git. The commit message will indicate the changed resource, author of the commit will be the user who made the changes. image