DBeaver Documentation


Database authentication models

DBeaver supports many different authentication models for different databases. The default authentication model is native - it needs a user name and password which are used to authenticate at the remote database server.

Some database drivers support other database-specific authentications.


PostgreSQL specific model. Uses local file PGPASS to obtain user name and/or password.
It does not have any additional parameters.

Parameter Description
Model ID postgres_pgpass


Parameter Description
Model ID krb5, postgresql_krb5, prestodb_krb5, prestosql_krb5, oracle_krb5
krb5.realm Kerberos realm/AD domain
krb5.kdc_server KDC server IP/host name
krb5.user Kerberos user name
krb5.use_keytab Force keytab file usage (true/false)
krb5.keytab_path Keytab file path
krb5.use_kinit Force kinit utulity usage
krb5.kdc_over_tcp Force TCP/IP protocol usage (UDP is used by default)

Oracle Wallet

Oracle Wallet authentication

Parameter Description
Model ID oracle_wallet
oracle.net.wallet_location Wallet file location

Oracle OS auth

Oracle native OS authentication

Parameter Description
Model ID oracle_os

Oracle native database auth

Oracle native database authentication

Parameter Description
Model ID oracle_native

AWS IAM auth

AWS IAM authentication

Parameter Description
Model ID iam
iam.region AWS region ID
iam.aws_access_key AWS Access Key
iam.aws_secret_key AWS Secret Key
iam.use_default_aws Load access/secret key from local AWS configuration